Cherry Orchards is, and has been for more than forty years, an Intentional Therapeutic Community seeking new ways to live a healthy social life in our troubled world. Inspired by the forward thinking and at times radical philosophy of Anthroposophy, we live together on a beautiful, 20 acre site within the boundaries of the City of Bristol, and we work in our garden producing food and flowers and caring for our farm and woodland.

We believe in a holistic approach to life, supporting the acceptance and promotion of the uniqueness of each human being and the caring and healing of the earth using natural and sustainable methods and the sharing of resources .

We are currently in a period of dynamic and energetic change. We are forging new partnerships with organisations and individuals compatible with our ethos and values in the areas of therapy, local production, availability of good food, and alternative education initiatives.

We have specialist facilities designed to support courses and retreats for health, education and self-development.

We also offer a tailored residential Respite Program, as well as day and sessional therapies and activities for social and emotional wellbeing.

Some of us work with people who seek support in times of distress, and encouragement in their individual development towards health, by being part of a tolerant and inclusive community.

We dance and sing with and for each other, paint and sculpt, craft and cook and give rise to a cultural life to celebrate our shared humanity.

We welcome anyone wanting to set foot on a new path in life, we can offer support and participation in a communal life to those ready to work hard and who are prepared to take a risk to explore personal development in a social context .

You are standing on the threshold of that new path into a future. Where will this new path lead you? What is it you are seeking? Is it your authentic self calling you to new vistas and experiences?

Step on the path, let it lead you.