As well as a large estate of fields and woodlands we have an active Biodynamic Garden growing a large variety of good, wholesome fruit and vegetables which provides for the community and which we also preserve and sell.

We are embarking on different partnerships where we can broaden the the reach of our delicious produce and serve our wider community.

  • Through a cooperation with Matter Wholefoods in Easton we have been finding our way into the wider Bristol community through whole sale of produce and we continue to develop this partnership.
  • Our community produced apple juice has been selling well alongside our winter salad and fresh herbs, and our larder and freezers are full of surplus fruit and veg processed in our preserving room.
  • We also work in partnership with the Bristol Community Payback Team who support the maintenance of our estate through regular visits helping us with our fences, hedges and and larger scale projects.

We continue to grow our community of animals and now have Dexter cattle, black Hebridean sheep and chickens in our midst. Our animals help maintain our fields through grazing and manure  and during the winter months enjoy the comfort of the barn and the richness of our hay which we harvest in the summer.  Our chicken support our gardeners with pest control and produce enough eggs for our needs whilst our sheep welcome lambs each spring.

We are lucky enough to have a had a steady stream of volunteers coming to us from both home and abroad through the WWOOF scheme providing us with much needed help on the land and bringing different cultures into our midst.