Cherry Orchards is an Adult Intentional Community established as a Company limited by guarantee with Charitable status in 1975. The Community is located at:

Cherry Orchards Camphill Community
Canford Lane
Bristol, BS9 3PE
Telephone: 0117 950 3183

The Charity has been established to provide inclusive community living which can offer support and healing through a sense of social belonging and inclusion in a rich cultural life and purposeful activity. The main pillar of this is the participation with others in a social organism which recognises the uniqueness of each human being and seeks to help this to unfold and develop in an harmonious way. The community values are of respect, tolerance and acceptance of individual capacities. The path into the community is by the informed choice of the individual, and continuing participation is regularly reviewed.

The Charity has Trustees (see below for details) who carry the legal responsibilities. The day to day management is delegated to a Community Management Group (see below for details).

The Community also has an onsite Registered Care Home, whose current registered Manager is Mrs. Valerie Sands.

The Care Home offers full residential care, day placement and respite services for Adults needing Accommodation and Personal Care as a Regulated activity in the following ways:

The Care home has a high ratio of well qualified Staff (co-workers) some of whom live on site as part of the Therapeutic Community and some of whom are employed.

The Care Home is located in a purpose-built house with separate bedrooms for 6 residents and up to 4 live in co-workers. Bathroom facilities are shared. There is a spacious shared Sitting room, Dining room and Kitchen.

Three meals per day are prepared onsite using mainly home grown produce.

There are facilities for the safe storage and administration of prescription medication.

There is an office for the appropriate and safe and confidential storage of information.

The Care Home has a full range of policies relevant to its purpose.

There is a full and regular weekly program of onsite activities.

* These include 1:1 therapeutic sessions delivered by qualified therapists.

* Groups offering a wide range of arts and crafts for personal well-being.

* The community also offers life skills training in the realm of relaxation, personal assertiveness, baking, horticulture, gardening, cooking, laundry, money management, medication management, risk management.


  • Ms Gitte Knudsen (Chair)
  • Ms Bonnie Brofos
  • Ms Sophie Robinson
  • Krzysztof Dziambor
  • Eduardo Gonzalez-Morera


Cherry Orchards Registered
Company No. 1347568
Reg. Charity No. 275241