Established in the 1970s, Cherry Orchards is a Registered Charity (No 275241) and Company Limited by Guarantee (No 1347568), and is a member of the Association of Camphill Communities.

Our charity’s purpose is, “for the public benefit, to relieve sickness, promote good health, provide care to and advance the education and training of: people with a disability (whether mental or physical), the young, the old or people otherwise in need in accordance with the principles of Dr Rudolf Steiner particularly (without limitation) by the establishment and maintenance of communities …in which beneficiaries live and/or work and/or to which they otherwise resort, in community with persons providing support”.

We are based in Bristol, UK, and have four trustees:  Gitte Knudsen (Chair), Bonnie Brofos,  Valerie Sands and Krzysztof Dziambor.

Full details can be found on the Charity Commission and Companies House websites.