Sophie Harding
  Helen Wilson


Reiki is a healing technique developed in the early twentieth century by a Japanese man called Mikao Usui. In the 1930’s it was brought to the USA and has since spread throughout the world due to its effectiveness.

It is based on the concept that everything in the universe is energy and that this energy enters the body at conception and leaves at the time of death. The word Reiki means ‘universal life force energy’.

When we are in good health the energy flows freely around the body. We feel full of vitality, heal quickly and have a positive outlook on life.

Physical, mental or emotional stress can have the effect of slowing down, or even blocking the flow of energy and this can result in more serious health issues. Emotional stress in particular has a very damaging effect, especially following years of suppressing negative emotions, such as anger, hurt, resentment, guilt, grief etc.

How does Reiki work?

A Reiki Practitioner is a channel for high-frequency energy. During a Reiki treatment, energy is drawn through the Practitioner’s hands, which are placed in various positions on the body.

As the energy enters the body, it works holistically and will always go to the level (physical, mental or emotional) where it is most needed to restore well-being.

Physically – Reiki’s relaxing effect eases tension, reduces pain and increases the flow of energy within the body, clearing blockages and detoxifying the cells.

Mentally – Reiki brings clarity of thought, improving the concentration and the ability to put issues, challenging situations or life in general into perspective.

Emotionally – Reiki gently brings suppressed emotions to the surface, giving you the confidence to transform limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that have held you back.

Scientific studies have shown that Reiki has positive effects on the immune system and is helpful for reducing blood pressure and relieving pain.

What happens during a Reiki treatment?

Receiving a Reiki treatment is very simple and lasts about an hour. You simply lie down on a treatment couch and relax. There is nothing to do and nothing to think about. No clothing, other than shoes, needs to be removed. During the treatment the Practitioner’s hands remain still and are placed on the body in various positions as you draw energy through the Practitioner’s hands.

What does Reiki feel like?

The experience of Reiki varies between individuals. Relaxation, warmth or tingling and a wonderful feeling of well-being are the most common effects.

Will Reiki help my condition?

Reiki is said to help all forms of illness or ill being by boosting energy at every level, supporting and accelerating the body’s natural ability to heal itself. People use Reiki to relax and strengthen their wellbeing, reduce pain, anxiety and fatigue, help manage symptoms and support recovery after injuries or surgery. It also complements the effectiveness of most forms of medication and treatment and is a completely safe, natural method of healing.  Anyone can benefit from a Reiki treatment.

The number of treatments required will depend on the needs of the individual. A treatment plan will be discussed and reviewed as necessary.

If you need any further information or would like to discuss how Reiki may help you, please contact me. I’ll be happy to speak with you.

Practitioner Fee Treatment duration
Sophie Harding £45 60 minutes
Helen Wilson £50 60 minutes