Sofia Samauma


Shamanic healing, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval

Contemporary Shamanic practices are a healing therapy that involves the practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness. This allows us to perceive and interact with the spirit world and channel these transcendental energies into this world.

Shamanic practices help to restore our innate personal power. They can help you to find peace and bring balance back into your life, rebuilding your natural protective personal power.

These healing techniques are rooted in some of the oldest spiritual practices all around the world. Shamanic practitioners use, amongst other techniques, a repetitive drumbeat to reach an altered state of consciousness.

What to expect in a session

Shamanic healing is usually a relaxing meditative experience. It can be done in person or through distance healing. The duration of a session may vary, but it will usually take about 90 min.

We will start by asking you what has brought you to a session and then invite you to lie down comfortably. During the session I might use some drumming, rattling, chanting, blowing, smudging and use of crystals and stones.

With the help of the Bigger Forces, we will work to bring back parts of your soul that need to be retrieved. We might help you to let go of unwanted and foreign energies, and support you to connect with your power animals. We will work wherever is needed to restore the healthy balance of your full self.

What is Soul Retrieval?

Soul Retrieval is one of the spiritual Shamanic Practices used in order to bring an individual who is suffering from soul loss back to wholeness, healing the energetic fragmentation of the Self.

Soul loss might originate from: abuse, prolonged pain or grief, addictions, out-of-body or near-death experiences, rejection, abandonment, accidents, seeing someone die unexpectedly, being in an unhealthy relationship, forced to act against your will, etc.

Soul retrieval will energise you and bring about feelings of grounding, clarity, reawakening, aliveness, belonging, wholeness, as well as better sleep, and health.

Who is Shamanic Healing for and conditions worked with

Shamanic healing can help you if you have the sensation of not being present or if you have been feeling lost, wanting to be elsewhere or missing a part of yourself.

It could help you if you have been suffering any illnesses, fear, drug-alcohol abuse, separation, anxiety, depression, loss of a dear one, experiencing traumatic situations, or have a challenging relationship with someone.

Treatment Fees

Individual sessions, both in person or online, will last a minimum of 90 min and cost £65 (first session £55)

Home visits are available on request.


For any enquiries or to book an individual in-person or online session, please contact me directly on: 075 721 79057

Cancellation Policy

A full fee is payable for appointments cancelled with less than 48 hours notice.