Sofia Samauma – Shamanic Healing & Family Constellations

I am a qualified Family and Systemic Constellations Therapist and Shamanic Practitioner. I help to catalyse powerful changes for individuals, situations, schools, businesses, courts, etc. I provide coaching and support to any system or individual stuck on a personal, energetic or soul level.

My life experiences, my own healing path, and my commitment to my personal professional growth have allowed me to develop an exceptional eye for reading environments, relationships, individuals, physical bodies and energetic fields.

I support people in finding their inner strength, attracting happiness, success, love, health, and harmony into their lives.

Originally from Spain, Sofía has lived and travelled to many other countries in the past 16 years, encountering many experiences and closely working with people from all backgrounds, nationalities and physical and physiological abilities.

In 2016, she trained as a Shamanic practitioner with Simon Heather in the UK, and in 2017, she learned Vianna Stibal Theta Healing® techniques in the Brazilian state of Bahia.

In 2019, she has certified as a Facilitator of Family and Systemic Constellations by the Brazilian Institute of Clinic Constellations, taught by the experienced Cristiane Braga. In addition, from 2016 until 2019, she has taken part on Transformations and Mystery training (Family Constellations, Body Work and Shamanic Healing) with Petr Malek in the UK. She has assisted in Wales on 2016, to Constellations and Body Work workshops with Martina Rosemary and of Neo-shamanism and Shamanic Constellations with Samantha Libertá In Madrid, in the spring of 2019.

In 2017, Sofia has taken part in the studies of the sacred feminine with the Brazilian Moon tribe, Tribo da Lúa, and enriched her knowledge with Brazilian shamans. She has been part of a womb-healing circle in Bristol, from 2018, leaded by the 3 generations Healer, Rachel Rose.

In addition, her present healer development journey has always been intrinsically related to voice and sound healing and the personal practices she experienced during the last 16 years.

She has experienced and grew personally through her own healing journey for more than 20 years taking part of diverse healing disciplines. This life path has brought her into the desire to offer her skills and gift for the healing of the others.

In addition, Sofía is a professional multidisciplinary artist, with her latest work being focused on her voice and musical career. Besides, she has many years of experience of close work with children and adults of a wide learning difficulties spectrum, providing her with an extraordinary understanding of the most vulnerable.  

Sofía is gifted with an exceptional eye for reading environments and possess a fine eye for understanding people’s issues in a personal, energetic and soul level. She is able to reflect back clearly what she is seeing, helping to catalyze powerful changes in individuals, situations, and even bring clarity to business and providing coaching support to anyone stuck with any issues.

She believes everyone has their own answers and solutions within themselves, so she is there to support others in finding their strength and power.

More info at, at 075 721 79057 or email me at