What Cherry Orchards expects

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Cherry Orchards can help those adults who acknowledge that something in their life needs to change. Sometimes changing means facing things about yourself that are difficult. We need your honest effort to accept support and feedback in this process. Every resident needs to come and stay out of his or her own free will, we can help at times of doubt and difficulty but the basic decision to remain committed to your recovery needs to come from you.

We are primarily a social community, and we will expect you to take part in community life. The individual daily programme includes mealtimes, the daily gathering and a range of individual and group activities. There is time in the programme for individual interests, hobbies and outside commitments.  We will expect that you will be able to motivate yourself during periods of free time. We would like you to make the most of your time in Cherry Orchards and therefore expect that your primary focus will be engagement in activities within the therapeutic community.

What Cherry Orchards expects from individuals

  • A commitment to identifying and moving towards personal goals
  • Regular and consistent participation in your personally agreed programme of activities
  • Honesty and openness in interpersonal relationships
  • Tolerance and respect towards others living and working in Cherry Orchards
  • Participation in Cherry Orchards community life, cultural activities and willingness to contribute to household tasks
  • Please note the abuse of any substances, or the consumption of alcohol is not permitted on the premises