Testimonials & feedback

Sculpture in flower garden

From Co-workers (care workers)

“Group work is challenging, surprising and lots of fun – whether its making sausages or candles, creative writing or eurythmy (movement) – it’s great to work together. ”

“The food is some of the best I’ve tasted and it feels more nourishing because so much is home grown.”

“A restorative haven so close to city amenities.”

From Residents

“There is a rhythmical pace and programme that helps me stay in the moment.”

“Nurturing eye opening, sharing, working together, believing in each other, humanity.”

” I keep discovering new things I can do and enjoy.”

“Beautiful, peaceful surroundings, forest walks idyllic, feeling of complete isolation while being only a few minutes from civilisation!”

“Beautiful and well cared for – I enjoyed the peace daily and feeling such a part of my environment through every sense.”

“Helping my soul to grow and open up like a flower to warmth and light.”

“I’m grateful for the atmosphere of respect, honesty and safety here.”

“My whold likfe has been transformed in a way I never knew existed.  If I had not met the co-workers here and residents  I would not be the person I am today.  Cherry Orchards introduced me to a healthy structure of regular food and things to do.  Gradually with your suport and encouragement to take part in all the fun activities I have come throught to the other end free from depresssion and feel healed.  I ahve never felt this happy and confident before making me stroung to fulfill my dreams.  Now I can confidently say there’s  a whole new world out there for me. ”

“Thank you all for being there for me, I’m having a really rough time, and I don’t think I would be able to do it if it wasn’t for you!”

From Professionals

“Thank you for the truly fantastic work that you and the team at Cherry Orchards have done with Christian over the past 2 and a half years of so.  I have seen him come such a long way over that time – he is a truly different person – so much more willing to engage and participate, he’s more positive and confident. He seems much happier that when I met him four years ago.”

“Thank you for opening your doors to me and giving of your food and your insights.  You met me in a professional context.  Speaking personally, I want you to know that I feel it was a privilege to have been among you. My thanks again to you all for what you bring into being, day by day.”

From Parents and Friends

“Thank you for a truly inspirational experience and a model to which the whole health service should aspire”

“I just wanted to say how much I have appreciated all you have done to help Clare through this difficult time. I am a concerned mother at a distance but I have complete faith in you, as Clare’s advocate”

“We will never forget how you and the staff and the Cherry Orchards ethos allowed Nancy to resume her life, and when she became so ill last year we appreciated how you visited her in hospital regularly  through that period of illness, just as Nancy did.  Nancy learnt so many life skills at Cherry Orchards and most of all, saw a positive way forward in her life.”

“Thank you very much for meeting with us last Wednesday.  We were very impressed, actually quite overwhelmed by the beauty, peace and wholesomeness of the setting and the ambience you are creating at Cherry Orchards.  Just a glimpse to convince us that the work you and others are doing there is of the highest standard and the very best one could hope for for anyone on the journey from mental illness. I am grateful to God  that such a wonderful place exists in this country.”

“I’d like to thank you for playing such a large part in helping Michael in his healing process, to develop self confidence and start to take responsibility again for shaping his future life.   We are grateful to all the staff in helping his recovery and lying down the foundations for his future independence.”

“Words cannot express our gratitude to you and all the co-worker at Cherry Orchards for your support for Michael during his recovery.  He was a challenge, he was frustration, he broke your rules – but you persisted patiently and compassionately and helped him re-build.  You did a great job.”

“Cherry Orchards is a very special place and a true beacon in the mental health world.  Thank you for all the wonderful work that you do.  It was an important step in helping Laura reach her destiny.  Bless you all in the amazing work you do.”

All names have been changed to respect privacy.