The programme




Weekly programme - example

What the programme offers.

  • An individualised and flexible service including a high support residential provision, an extended residential move-on programme, and a full day programme all supported by live-in staff.
  • A thorough admission procedure with visits, an in depth interview and assessment period.
  • Flexible duration of placement i.e. 2-5 years residential, ongoing day programme.
  • Flexible funding sources e.g. Personalised Budgets, Direct Payments, PCT, Social Services.
  • Full on-site programme of therapies, social activities and life skills modules i.e. Therapeutic; Art, Speech, Drama and Biographical Counselling. Groups in creative writing, music, pottery, movement, dance, drama, sculpture, painting, drawing, singing, candle making, baking and gardening.

“The programme you offered was a tremendous opportunity”

  • Support to participate in further education courses and/or voluntary work.
  • Use of individualised outcome measurement tools.
  • Designated Key Worker system.
  • Continual service development based on the needs of individuals, national agendas, and internal audit.
  • Positive outcome from Mental Health Foundation research.
  • A high ratio of well qualified staff, most of whom live-in.
  • Occupational Therapy with specific support to move on towards more independent living e.g. using the day programme to facilitate moving on in a structured way and support into work.
  • Wide Care Home registration categories i.e. mental illness, learning difficulties, recovery from addictions.
  • Extensive experience of working with people with personality disorder, and a range of eating problems as well as the main psychiatric diagnoses.
  • Single rooms.
  • Programme of full medication administration through to support towards self-medication.

We also offer support with:

  • cooking
  • nutrition
  • relaxation techniques
  • money management
  • leisure
  • health
  • relapse prevention