Bristol City Council
We are work closely with Bristol City who often fund placements.  They do regular Quality Assurance visits.


Art work

Care Quality Commission
Cherry Orchards is registered with Care Quality Commission.  A copy of their latest inspection report is here.

Greenheart Sustainable Construction is a company of people who know a lot about energy efficient building.  They built our garden building.

Mental Health Foundation
The Mental Health Foundation conducted a small scale evaluation of Cherry Orchards’ work and life with the aim of exploring and describing its key therapeutic processes and outcomes from the perspective of its community members.

Simmonds Mills Architects
Specialising in Ecological Design and Sustainable Construction.  They designed our garden building.

Thrive is a small national charity, founded in 1978, that uses gardening to change the lives of disabled people.   Their activities are varied but focus on championing the benefits of gardening to individuals and organisations, as well as teaching techniques and practical applications so that anyone with a disability can take part and enjoy gardening.  A research programme underpins Thrive’s work to provide evidence and improve understanding.  Cherry Orchards has an article in Thrive’s Growth Point Magazine, Issue 125 Winter 2011.

Triodos Bank
Being completely open about the businesses and organisations they lend to is part of our mission at Triodos Bank. Unlike most banks, they think it’s only fair you know where your money goes – and because Triodos is a truly ethical bank, they’re more than happy to show you.  A bank who are genuinely transparent about who they lend to, which includes us.

Watershed Arts and Media Centre
Cultural cinema and digital creativity centre in Bristol UK.   Cherry Orchards were part of the Digitised Communities project.  An art project that shows some of the wide range of daily activities.  Many of these, such as the running of an organic farm and the day-to-day cooking and housekeeping are essential to the community, and also help to give people a sense of worth.  More details on the project are available here.

Other links

Camphill Communities
Camphill Communities provide opportunities for children, young people and adults with learning disabilities, mental health problems and other special needs to live, learn and work together with others in an atmosphere of mutual respect and equality.

There are more than 100 Camphill communities in over 20 countries in Europe, North America, southern Africa and India where those with special needs are offered the support they need to develop their potential.

Camphill Communities in England and Wales
Camphill in England and Wales offers opportunities for people with learning disabilities, mental health problems and other special needs. Our 23 centres include independent residential and day schools, specialist colleges of further education and adult communities where individual abilities and qualities are recognised and nurtured as the foundation for a fulfilling life.