How we live in Cherry Orchards

We are primarily a social community, and we will expect you to take part in community life. The individual daily programme includes mealtimes, the daily gathering and a range of individual and group activities. There is time in the programme for individual interests, hobbies and outside commitments.  We will expect that you will be able to motivate yourself during periods of free time. We would like you to make the most of your time in Cherry Orchards and therefore expect that your primary focus will be engagement in activities within the therapeutic community.

Bread making

Some of the co-workers (staff) and the residents live together on site and share all facilities. The close working relationships that can develop between residents and co-workers builds an atmosphere of trust and involvement. Each house community varies between eight and fourteen people.

We recognise the value of living together as a community, but also the challenges.  Therefore we have developed a community contract, which you will find below.

We encourage healthy lifestyle choices with most food being organically home grown or locally sourced.  We have an exercise room with sauna, cross trainer and exercise cycle.

We provide a low stimulus environment where relationships are most important, and doing things together is balanced with individual use of free time. For this reason we have neither televisions nor PC Internet access, which can encourage passivity and discourage socialising. Each resident can have personal music equipment in his or her room and there are many other cultural opportunities both within and outside the community.

Every community member – residents, volunteers and staff – is asked to sign the Community Contract and Complaints Procedure when joining the community. We also have a Personal I.T. policy that people are asked to uphold.