How to apply?


After an initial contact, and the completion of the questionnaire, you may be invited to a personal interview. One or two co-workers and current residents may conduct this interview. You will be given the chance to view the premises and to meet people who live in the community. This is also an opportunity for you to talk about your aims and problems and ask any questions that are important to you. Your needs and aims will be shared in a confidential manner with the circle of responsible therapists and co-workers whose decision it is to offer places in the therapeutic community. Within two weeks of your interview you will receive a written response from Cherry Orchards. If you are offered a place and an application for funding support has been successful, you will be offered a four-week assessment period. In the final week of this period a review will take place and a final decision about the suitability of the placement for all concerned, will be taken with you.

In view of our experience we feel that the engagement of a Social Worker/Care Co-ordinator is vital in respect to the questions of assessment and funding. We would be reluctant to offer an interview without the involvement of an appropriate Social Worker/Care Co-ordinator.

Please note Cherry Orchards cannot offer respite or emergency accommodation.

Write or phone for further information and an application form to:

Cherry Orchards
Canford Lane
Telephone: 0117 950 3183

The application form should be completed and returned together with any relevant and recent risk assessments, reports and care plans. This information will be treated confidentially and destroyed if the application is withdrawn or unsuccessful.