Day programme

Lunch table

In addition to residential placements, Cherry Orchards offers day placements of between two and seven days a week. This enables people who are not currently living at Cherry Orchards to access our range of activities and resources.

What Cherry Orchards’ day programme offers

  • A peaceful setting on a sheltered 20 acre estate comprising a small farm, certified organic garden, orchard and various recreational areas
  • Two to seven days per week offering a structured programme from 10.45 am to 5.00pm, starting with a daily gathering for the community
  • Individually tailored programme including both group and one to one activities
  • The daily programme typically involves both a creative and a productive activity, plus time for rest and relaxation
  • Creative activities such as art observation, painting, sculpture, pottery, crafts, creative writing, drama, movement and singing
  • Productive activities such as gardening, fruit and vegetable picking, preserving, cooking, baking and candle making
  • Therapies on offer include Therapeutic Art, Biographical Counselling, Drama Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Therapeutic Speech
  • The opportunity to develop and improve social skills
  • A balanced three course organic lunch incorporating food grown on the premises
  • Use of sauna, cross trainer and exercise bike
  • Advice about healthy living and relaxation techniques
  • Staff members are available for personal and emotional support

It’s wonderful to feel a part of something”

This provision can be used in a variety of ways, for example:

  • Offer opportunities to socialise and add structure and meaningful activity to the day
  • An introduction to those considering a residential placement
  • Support for former residents of Cherry Orchards for their re-integration into the wider community

The tranquil environment and programme of activities are particularly suited to those individuals seeking structure and purpose in their life and who want to build up their confidence.  Cherry Orchards’ unique approach to recovery supports self-development through an holistic and individually tailored therapeutic programme.

The community is based on the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, as further developed by Dr Karl König, which recognises the unique identity of the individual and the importance of social relationships in maintaining good health. The community also recognises the spiritual needs of individuals, and whilst based on a Christian outlook, is open to all faiths.